About Baziami

Do magic!
Baziami was born once when I was pregnant with my daughter Sara in 2015.
These products come from love of a mother to a child, and they’re presented to you now.

I decided to introduce myself a bit and let me tell you how it happened . 😜🤪

It’s me !😁 yes I am. 😊

In 2015 when I was pregnant🤰 , I accidentally met a doll crochet group on Facebook , before that I wanted to make something for my daughter👩‍👧 with my own hands🤗 .I decided to crochet 🧶 one of these dolls , so I bought yarn 🧶 very quickly. 🏃‍♀️But at that time I didn’t know which yarn is good , so I bought a wound yarn and then started crocheting.It was a dog.🐶

I got how much I love ❤️ it . It was like being a child 🧒 again, what a beautiful 🤩 feeling. My time was very limited because I was very busy 👩‍💼and I started crocheting and designing just for my daughter and my own comfort , but I decided to do it seriously in the future at the right time and place, so now I’m here . 💪